Toothbrush Technology and Apps to Help Kids Brush

Most dentists recommend brushing at least two minutes. That can seem like an eternity to an adult, so imagine how it feels to a child. If your child finds it difficult to brush that long, there are fun ways to make that time fly by.

Interactive Kids Toothbrush

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Kolibree introduced an augmented reality toothbrush that interacts with a phone’s front-facing camera. Your child fights an evil monster intent on spreading cavities across the land by brushing his or her teeth. To prevent your child from overbrushing, it can only be played up to three times per day. You will be sent data to keep track of times of day and the duration of brushing.

Phillips Sonicare introduced Sonicare for Kids toothbrush, that also uses an interactive app to keep kids brushing. It has turned out to be such fun that kids couldn’t tear themselves from the game, even after they finished brushing. Phillips updated the app to have the main character fall over in exhaustion after the brushing adventure is completed.

Technology Apps to Use on Phones and Tablets

Here are just three of the many toothbrushing apps available:

  • Heroes of Hygiene – Kids can play as different heroes. Additionally, it helps teach proper brushing techniques and explains the importance of visiting the dentist and keeping their teeth clean.
  • Disney Magic Timer – 23 different Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters are gradually revealed as they brush, encouraging them to complete two minutes of brushing.
  • Brush Up – Cartoon robot, Budd, shows where and how to brush. It includes stickers, and a Magic Mirror that puts your child on the screen with Budd. It also sends real-time reports to you and your child’s dentist.

Pays Off in the Long Run

While some of these solutions may seem pricey, getting your child in the habit of brushing at least two minutes a day is worth the cost in the long run. A healthy smile is priceless, and practicing good oral health helps avoid problems – and the associated costs – later in life.


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