What Awesome Advice Did Josh Brolin Share With Dr. Chai?

If you are like me and a fan of the Avengers movies, you could not wait to watch Avengers Endgame to see how the remaining Avengers were going to undo the snap that wiped out half the universe and their fellow Avengers. One of the main reasons the last two Avengers movies were so well done was Josh  Brolin’s portrayal of Thanos. He was a very complex villain. He was menacing, fierce and had the conviction of what he was doing was right, and at the end of Infinity War, he actually won. Sometimes the bad guys win, but what makes a great Superhero movie is knowing the heroes find a way to overcome and triumph in the end, as our heroes did in Endgame.

Back To School in a Snap

With the summer over in a snap, it is time to prepare for the inevitable back to school rush. It is definitely a great time for you and your family to come in for your cleanings and any work that may need to be done before the craziness of school and after school activities start up again. It’s also a great time to start braces for your kids, especially if they are not happy about their smile.

Self-esteem and Bullying

It is not easy growing up in the social media age. When I was growing up, bullying was around and I had my share of bullies. But the difference today with Cyber-bullying, if you are on social media at all, you can’t even escape it at home where you should be safe. The scary truth is, depression and cyber-bullying are on the rise, and self-esteem issues are a huge factor in this. A beautiful smile has a wonderful effect on self-esteem, that has been shown over and over again.

The Power of a Smile

When you love your smile and can show the world who you really are, that’s personal power, and that goes a long way to fight off the evils of Social Media. One of the things I love to do is help people get the smile they deserve, and we can do that with Braces or various Cosmetic Dentistry techniques, like Whitening, Bonding or Veneers. At our office we offer 2 awesome solutions to straighten teeth, one is with our Fastbraces® system and one is with Tray aligners like Invisalign®.  

A Recent Example     

I recently helped a young girl, who unfortunately let all her front teeth rot. Unfortunately, they were at the point that most of the front teeth needed a root canal and needed heavy restorations to build them back up. She was a very pretty girl, but she couldn’t smile because she hated her teeth. We were able to fix the main problem teeth in one appointment and she was able to smile again.

When my team and I can have that kind of impact and not only fix their teeth but fix their spirit, make them feel good about themselves again, that is what I think being a doctor is all about. So if you need to bring your family in for their cleanings or you want to change your child’s life for the better with the power of a beautiful smile, give us a call today! 

Advice From Josh Brolin

I’ll leave you with some great advice Josh Brolin shared when I met him recently, “Don’t lose yourself in social media. Release yourself from it so you can become who you uniquely are and find ways to celebrate it.”

That’s Powerful! Until next time – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dentist, Dr. Jesse Chai

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