Have Repeated Zoom Calls Got You Thinking About Your Smile? Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening May Be the Solution

The Zoom call has become the favourite conferencing app for both social and business communication. However, while everyone is familiar with Zoom the conferencing app, not as many are familiar with Zoom the professional teeth whitening treatment. If attending Zoom calls has you worried your smile is not quite up to snuff on camera, Zoom the teeth whitening treatment can provide a boost to your self-esteem. Here’s how Zoom professional teeth whitening could provide the Zoom-call-ready smile you need to boost your confidence.

Why Isn’t My Smile White?


Everyone is vulnerable to the day-to-day exposures that can stain teeth. From the food we eat, to the things we drink, to habits such as smoking, to past trauma, teeth naturally become discoloured over time. Other things that contribute to staining and discolouration include:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain diseases
  • Certain medications
  • Restorations using certain dental materials
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Trauma

Slowly but surely your teeth will start to appear a yellowish or brownish colour. The more choices you make that contribute to staining and the more risk factors you have from our list, the more chance there is your smile will become less than dazzling over time. Any of these things either in combination or on their own can give you a smile that can make you feel self-conscious during a Zoom call.

How Does A White Smile Help During Zoom Calls?


Facing people on Zoom calls with a less than perfect smile can make you feel less confident. As a result, you might avoid participating as much as you should, which could hurt you both socially and professionally. With a white smile, you will experience many benefits including:

  • Improve First Impressions: If you have to meet someone new on a Zoom call whether it is for personal or business reasons, a white smile makes a better first impression.
  • Better Profile Pic: Your white smile will allow you to smile with confidence for all your profile pictures.
  • More Career Opportunities: Whether it’s feeling more confident to speak up at meetings, or making a better first impression in Zoom interviews, a white smile provides you with a boost of confidence that can really open up new prospects for your career.
  • Smile More: You don’t want to be the sour, sad face at Zoom calls. If you are uncomfortable with your smile, you might not realize you avoid smiling which gives people the wrong impression about you. When you smile with confidence, you appear more friendly and approachable.

If you don’t smile people might think you disapprove, aren’t happy about a comment someone has made, have no sense of humour, or just have a negative attitude. A bright smile will improve self-esteem and help you appear confident, happy, and positive.

What Is Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening?


Teeth whitening is the only way to see immediate results with noticeable changes to the colour of your teeth. Although there are many types of teeth whitening treatments available at your local drug store, choosing professional teeth whitening treatments such as Zoom is the safest and most effective way to achieve a brighter smile. In fact, Zoom can whiten your teeth up to eight shades, in just one treatment.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?


Professional Zoom treatments are very different than any other teeth whitening options available. Zoom uses a special technology that combines the power of a professional-strength tooth whitener, with a bleaching light to greatly improve results. Together with superior bleaching materials, this safe hydrogen peroxide-based whitening treatment comes in two packages.

The first has a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel, and the other package has a patented activator. This is unlike other treatments, especially those sold over the counter (OTC), as they tend to contain just 14% hydrogen peroxide on average. As well, OTC whiteners don’t have access to the bleaching light that speeds up the whitening process.

How Does Zoom Whitening Work?


The violet bleaching light activates the tooth whitener. It reaches all of your teeth during the whitening process, producing a comfortable heat that helps the treatment work more effectively. The entire process takes about 90 minutes, alternating between the bleach and activator. Each application takes about 20 minutes.

The reason the light is so important is that it helps oxygen enter the tooth dentin and enamel so it can reach the unsightly stains below without harming your enamel. Your teeth will continue to whiten after the treatment is complete. As well, you discuss the level of whiteness you wish to achieve with your dentist to ensure you get the naturally white smile you desire. You will then be given a whitening kit with trays containing the whitener that you apply at home.

Doesn’t Whitening Cause Discomfort And Sensitivity?


Yes and no. There are different reasons you might experience sensitivity during or following professional teeth whitening treatments. The main reason, however, is neglecting to protect your lips and gums before the procedure. When you undergo Zoom teeth whitening treatment you have pre-treatment that isolates your lips and gums before the whitening gel is applied. This helps target only your teeth surfaces, reducing the risk of discomfort. Also, the post treatment is a five-minute fluoride application. Keep in mind your Zoom professional teeth whitening treatment is performed by a dentist certified in the use of this special product. This ensures you see maximum results and experience minimum discomfort — if you experience discomfort at all.

Is There Just One Type Of Zoom Whitening Available?


Actually, there are three. The right treatment for your level of staining is determined by your dentist.

Can Anyone Have Teeth Whitening Treatment?


No. Whitening is not recommended if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, periodontal disease, oral cancer, or your tooth enamel is worn or damaged. As well, if you have gum disease or require restorations, these issues should be taken care of prior to professional teeth whitening. In the case where you have dental restorations such as crowns or bonding, whitening does not work on these surfaces. This can lead to inconsistencies in your smile.

Dental work would have to be replaced to match the results of your whitening procedure. This is because your natural teeth have pores and irregularities that allow staining, while restorations use a material that resists stains. However, a consultation with your dentist can address any possible issues, and together you can come up with a treatment plan to perfect your smile.

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