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In our cutting-edge dentistry clinic near Alliston, our dentist is trained to offer smile reconstruction procedures. By selecting a variety of cosmetic dentistry techniques, we’re able to transform just about any unsightly teeth to the most attractive, healthy smile imaginable.

Our patients often drive long distances to our clinic to receive the first class treatment and artistic experience presented by our dentist. When you come for a consultation, our staff will listen to all your concerns about your smile and what results you are looking for. The dentist will describe to you the treatments and procedures  that will meet your desires and give you exactly what you’re looking for. Using a number of  diagnostic tools & equipment, we will determine the proper alignment for your teeth and jawline to achieve the perfect smile for you.

To see the results of some of those who have had various cosmetic procedures done, please view our Before and After page.

In our greater Alliston dental clinic, we have taken great care in assuring our staff work hard to make our patients feel at home during your cleaning appointments. Our dental hygienists focus on making your gums and teeth not only looking great but also stay healthy so they can last a lifetime.

We are able to schedule you the same day if you call in the morning, offering emergency treatments, cleanings & checkups, digital x-rays or other general appointments for the convenience of your schedule. Most dental procedures can be performed in as little as one hour.

If you have a history of gingivitis or periodontitis, our staff will carefully observe this to treat it accordingly and offer you the help and training on how you can perform your oral hygiene at home to improve any issues you may have. Our greatest complement is helping you keep all your teeth for your entire life!

Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Restoration

In general a cosmetic smile makeover may comprise  of one or a combination of the following treatments:

We will design a treatment plan for you that will be the most efficient both in time and budget to help create the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Our greater Alliston area dentist & dental clinic  have an excellent track record of making patients completely forget about their visit to the dentist other than the complements they receive from family, friends, and colleagues!