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Orthodontic in Bradford, Ontario

Orthodontic treatments are for children, teens, men and women of all ages who have many different reasons for it. Some of these reasons are lack of self-confidence due to an overbite or painful jaw due to misaligned teeth. Whatever the reason, an orthodontics-trained dentist or orthodontist will work with you to decide which treatment is best. Orthodontics uses the latest techniques in tooth alignment correction which provide for your well-being, overall health and maximum comfort.

With Orthodontics, it is possible to detect any current or potential problems that may lesson the time needed for treatment and alleviate any potential health problems that may result from undetected problems.

The field of Orthodontistry is training for dentists who have extended training in teeth-straightening (orthodontics).

Orthodontics treatment focuses on straightening the teeth to obtain a healthy smile and thereby building self confidence. Many celebrities and people with upcoming special events rely on the orthodontist to have their smile ready to be noticed and photographed. Orthodontic treatment will produce that bright, attractive smile that everyday professionals need for meetings and presentations.

Orthodontics will prepare your smile to be noticed by people everywhere and will give you that extra edge needed in job interviews. Orthodontic treatment will enhance your smile and may lead to many people noticing you wherever you go. People should see an orthodontist by age seven or earlier if problems are noticed. An early visit can detect and prevent or lessen many severe problems.

Orthodontics focuses on what is best for you and provides competent and reliable facts to base your decision on. Dr. Chai will explain all treatments available specifically for your need and will use his expertise in helping you to make your decision. Some orthodontic treatments available to you are Invisalign, Full-mouth Braces, and Tooth Bridges, just to name a few.

Orthodontics can treat crowded or crooked teeth, an overbite, an underbite, an overjet and an open bite. It can also treat too much space between teeth and the result of extra or missing teeth. Misaligned teeth can affect your bite, make it hard to chew some foods, may wear teeth down and even cause muscle tension and pain.

Other problems that orthodontics can correct are the cavities and gum disease that result from crowded or crooked teeth that are harder to clean. They can detect and start treatment for some orthodontic problems before all of the permanent teeth are in. Your orthodontist can also do a screening to detect and treat any problems that may be developing.

There are few risks or side effects in orthodontic treatments and the few problems that may occur are usually the result of patients not following the plan of their treatment. Parents should monitor their children on the proper care and cleaning during the treatment.

Orthodontic treatment time depends on age, problem, how serious the problem is and the treatment used. Treatment normally involves a visit every four to seven weeks and can range from six months to three years.

If you need orthodontic treatment, you must follow the advice of your orthodontist to make it successful. The treatment takes time and patience depending on age, type and seriousness of the problem and the method used.

Some benefit plans cover orthodontic treatment up to a limit.

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