How Much Do Braces Cost in Bradford?

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If you are asking “How much do braces cost in Bradford?”… let’s break it down.

Some residents may wonder about the cost of braces in Bradford. Many of us are old enough to remember the days when braces were simply another way to torture adolescents. The taunting calls of “brace face” and “train tracks” were tough for many, but the perfect smiles of revenge were sweet. Braces are now commonly seen (or not seen in the case of Invisalign) on adults as well as adolescents; even celebrities like Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and Tom Cruise have taken their turn wearing braces. The aesthetic stigma and ease-of-wear have changed over time, and so has the cost. No more metallic mouths and braces are now inconspicuous and sometimes even fun!

Embracing the Investment of Braces

embrace the investment of braces - how much do braces cost in Bradford

We survey our clients regularly. When asked about braces, the number one concern they have is “braces cost.” But can you put a monetary value on a great smile and good teeth? Braces are not cheap, let’s be honest. They are an investment. In the same way, you would invest in your car, home, cottage, motorcycle or any other asset you care about, braces are an investment in your future confidence and happiness.

Your face is the one part of you that’s difficult to hide. It’s amazing how many people learn to compensate for bad teeth by not smiling, an unnecessary cost of not getting braces. Your mouth communicates your needs and emotions. Imagine the joy and freedom of the simple act of smiling. Few other costs have such wide-ranging consequences as the impact of having a great smile by investing in braces.

How Much Do Braces Cost in Bradford?

how much do braces cost in Bradford - cost of braces in Bradford

At Bradford Family Dentistry, we want you to smile proudly about your braces and your investment. We will work with you to deliver a plan that suits your budget. Braces can range anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 in our office, depending upon the following conditions:

•  How many brackets

•  What type of braces

•  How difficult the treatment

•  How long it is estimated the treatment will take

The average cost of braces for a typical patient getting full upper and lower braces is usually between $4,200 and $6,500. The best way to determine how much the treatment will cost is to come in for a Braces Consultation. There is little variation between the cost for adult and adolescent patients; the price depends more upon the difficulty of the treatment than the age of the patient.

Can you comparison shop and find a cheaper price? Sure, but be reminded that you get what you pay for. Inferior materials may lower the price, but then you must also adjust for quality. At Bradford Family Dentistry, we want you to be happy with the process and the results. We work with each individual or family to help make your braces as affordable as possible.

Advice to Make Braces More Affordable

how to make braces more affordable - cost of braces in Bradford

1.    Pay in Full: Yes, the price tag may be daunting, but if you have the cash, you can receive a generous discount if you pay in full.

2.   Insurance Savings: Get to know and understand your policy. If your dental insurance has orthodontic coverage, this can pay for a significant part of your treatment cost.

3.   Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts: These allow you to pay for treatment with PRE-TAX dollars which saves you big! Talk to your employer and see if these underutilized methods are an option for your family.

4.   Monthly Payment Plans: This is a great choice for those without dental insurance and a large chunk of cash to pay upfront. You will be spreading the cost out over the course of treatment. You’ll be surprised at how affordable the monthly payments can be.

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When you think about how much braces cost, don’t forget to think about the value of braces. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in yourself or your children, and you are worth it. Book your appointment with Bradford Family Dentistry today for a free braces and Invisalign consultation.
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