New Tecumseth Dentist

Looking for a New Tecumseth dentist? There are dentists who can fix cavities, and then there are other dentists who can change your life, by giving you the smile you’ve always wanted, or perhaps easing head, neck, ear or jaw pain, and help eliminate snoring too! Technology has come light years from when your grandparents went to the dentist.

Our full service family friendly dentist office offers lots of options for all members of your family from infants to grandparents! Need a cleaning, checkup, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, Veneers, crown, dentures or even implants and dentures, we’re happy to provide the necessary procedures all under one roof.

No longer do you have to go to multiple specialist or dentists all over New Tecumseth, waiting at endless appointments to get the family’s various dental treatments and orthodontics – book your whole family in at once! We have many treatment rooms and lots of very friendly staff to make sure each member of your family is taken care of – with TV screens in each treatment room, they can watch a movie while we take care of you!

Migraines, headaches? We have helped people with that too! Dentistry and overall health are interconnected. New technological advances allow us to find where the tension points are, and how they relate to your jaw and head, to provide treatment options, with many non-invasive options. Many have experienced relief – feel free to check out testimonials from our clients – including ear pain and back pain and TMJ to name a few.

Snoring? Falling asleep as soon as you sit still? (even in restaurants or driving?); not to mention the shortness of life (up to 10 years less) that has been generally noted as a side-effect of sleep apnea. No sense the whole family waking up grumpy. We can test nasal and throat passageways and see if you are a candidate for a simple small dental appliance that can cease the snoring and help to get a proper nights rest; night after night. Your family will thank you!

If you are considering a new look for yourself, new Cosmetic Dentistry techniques can transform how you feel about yourself. Feel like a star, enjoy facing the world and live with renewed self confidence, with your camera-ready smile. With advanced dentistry technology we can deliver the highest-quality, optimal-looking results using the most comfortable options available.

Our warm friendly environment will put you at ease. Experience the relaxed atmosphere for yourself and come in for a comprehensive consultation. bring your smile to Bradford Family Dentistry, for dental care in the New Tecumseth area by calling 1-877-283-0497.