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General Dentistry

We have proudly served the community of Bradford for more than 35 years. And we want to help you and your family also ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of having is closer than you think. We can help your dream come true in as little as one visit ...

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Orthodontics & Braces

Our orthodontic treatments focuses on straightening the teeth to obtain a healthy smile and restore self confidence ...

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Special Care Services

We are pleased to offer our guests special dental services including sedation, sleep apnea and TMJ treatment. We can help ...

Magical Smiles News & Blog

Can What You Drink and Eat Affect Your Oral Health?

You may have made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier this year. Not only will you feel better and have better overall health with a nutritious diet, you can help yourself to a healthy smile at the same time. […]

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There’s still time!

The Bradford Topic has extended the contest to give you even more time to participate. This will be the final call to have your voice heard, so don’t delay!
Now is your chance to cast a vote for your favourite local […]

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How do our teeth facilitate speech?

The entire oral cavity (our mouth) works together in many ways to help us function. In addition to affecting our facial shape and appearance, the structures of our mouth enable us to chew, swallow, and digest our food. And it […]

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