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About Vampires… and Happy Halloween!

What do pointy teeth, garlic, and a wooden stake have in common? They are all paraphernalia associated with the vampires of legend. Where did this legend originate and why the pointy teeth? Vampire Legends

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An Ounce of Prevention Might Save Your Life

Can poor oral health effect our overall health?  Our mothers always told us to brush our teeth and floss but did we always follow through? Probably not. As adults we also may not be as dedicated to caring

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Trick or Treat – Dental Tips for Halloween

It’s no surprise that Halloween presents challenges to oral health and healthy diets. It’s nearly impossible to avoid candy around Halloween. The trick is to have a plan for how your kids can have

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Discolored Teeth Can Tell Many Tales

Today a bright, sparkling smile with white teeth and pink gums is a symbol of good health and beauty. Stained or discolored teeth and gums are cause for alarm and a trip to your dentist. However unpleasant

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How Lucille Ball Heard Spies Through Her Dental Fillings

In 1974 Lucille Ball told TV host Dick Cavett that during World War II she picked up radio broadcasts through her dental fillings as she was driving home from the MGM studios through Coldwater Canyon.

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Why Do Fillings “Fall Out”?

As a patient it may sometimes seem that a restoration “just fell out” of your tooth without an obvious cause. Sometimes patients think that a filling was loosened by chewing particular foods. In reality,

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New Hi-Tech Approach to Diagnosing Gum Disease

In the past, you’ve certainly had your gums examined to determine the presence of gum disease. You might recall a thin metal periodontal probe used to calculate “pocket depth,” which is the detached

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Brushing Your Teeth with Powder

Though it has recently become popular again, the use of powder to brush your teeth has been around thousands of years. Here is a brief look at the history of powder, and why some still use it. Origin Ancient

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How A Dead Tooth Affected Bluetooth Technology

We all need regular visits to our dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums, but that wasn’t always possible in the past. This article tells the story of how an ancient dead tooth had an impact on millions

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